2001 ACGA Corn Producers Survey
Wind Energy & Climate Change

FIG 6. Involvement in Carbon Pricing?
FIG 6.
All respondents were asked, "Various proposals suggest putting a per ton value on carbon that is sequestered (stored) in soil. What price per ton of carbon would be necessary to get you involved in such a program?"
Three percent of respondents stated that $5 per ton of carbon is enough to get them involved in a program. Four percent stated $10 per ton of carbon to get them involved, 2% stated $15 per ton, 5% stated $20 per ton, 5% stated $25 per ton, 7% stated $30 per ton, and 3% stated greater than $30 per ton to get them involved in such a program.
A majority (67%) of respondents stated they did not know of a price that is sufficient for their involvement in such a program. Increased response rates were noted in Indiana.
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